The curriculum used at Tallahassee Adventist Christian Academy is approved by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

- Bible is taught in grades PreK through 12th grade using the Adventist Encounter Curriculum. This curriculum uses the classroom context to help build a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ, using the Bible as the source of truth.

- Math is a visible and vital part of the curriculum. Students are taught using the Big Ideas Math: Modeling Real Life curriculum supplemented with reinforcement from online programs such as DreamBox Math.

- Language Arts is a balanced literacy approach that includes phonics (Fundations), fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing (Writer’s Workshop). Phonics is taught using "Fundations" published by Wilson Learning. All other literacy skills are taught through Pathways 2.0 printed by Kendall Hunt Publishers.

- Students in grades 1st-8th are taught scientific thinking and experimentation using By Design Science (a biblically based science inquiry program published by Kendall Hunt publications).

- Our Social Studies program is provided by McGraw Hill publishers in grades K-4th, students study the impact of human interactions through history. In grades 5th-8th, students study the values and perspectives that influenced historical event through time, in order to develop them into thinking, responsible citizens.

- Technology is an integral part of the school program.  We are blessed to have a technology lab that allows us to provide our students with the technology they need to succeed in our programs.

-Grade K-2nd also enjoy learning in the outdoors. We offer Forest School a few times a week. Where nature becomes their teacher.

Further information about the curriculum can be found at both and


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